In the summer season, these bus orders are extremely hot

- Jul 30, 2018 -

Yutong: New energy bus market share continues to lead the industry

Pure electric bus zero emissions, zero pollution, is the first choice for urban green low carbon bus. On June 4, 2018, 20 brand new Yutong double-decker buses entered the bus station of Zhengzhou Bus Company. The black and champagne color schemes were full of technology and added a lot of bright colors to the city.

On June 20th, 600 Yutong 10.5m pure electric buses purchased by Heilongjiang Harbin Transportation Group Public Transportation Co., Ltd. completed the first batch of 100 off-line delivery ceremony in Yutong Bus New Energy Plant. With the delivery of 600 10.5-meter pure electric buses, the number of Yutong's pure electric bus market in Heilongjiang Province will increase to 2,200, and the occupancy rate will further increase to 47.3%, achieving the first place in Heilongjiang Province's pure electric bus market. .


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