Modern office furniture selection and configuration

- Jun 27, 2017 -

The choice of modern office furniture depends on your grasp of the office, the office space, sunny, decoration and the like and other factors.

1, office furniture and style of the unity of the room. The room design into a classical style, it should be used iron office furniture. When the living room is a modern style, choose a combination of simple, neutral tones office furniture.

2, refer to the color tone of the room. Office furniture, its own color is an important part of the composition of the room color, color should be wall, ceiling color coordination.

3, the office furniture material and structure. The general family is mainly made of wood office furniture, other materials office furniture for the shop.

4, according to the needs of the human body to choose the appropriate office furniture. The size of the body parts, the use of office furniture when the specific posture, direction, etc., have a specific space requirements, which can be based on the choice of office furniture to determine the structure, size and placement.

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