On a long working day, comfortable chairs are required

- Jun 27, 2017 -

Although the details have their own characteristics, the basic structure of the chair is similar. Back, waist, armrest, base, headrest ... ... the various parts of their duties, to provide comprehensive support for the human body.

The human lumbar spine has a natural forward curvature, the so-called "sitting right", is to maintain the natural state of bending. But in the face of computer work, we will not consciously become the following: take the edge of the chair, arched back, head and neck desperately forward exploration. So look like to relax, but look at the ring out of the red part of the waist of the natural curvature disappeared, the long run, lumbar deformation is not surprising

The significance of the existence of a chair is to help maintain the correct sitting position. Its most important role is not to relax the legs, but to support the waist and back. So the chair is to rely on to sit

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