Outdoor leisure chair chair choice

- Jun 27, 2017 -

In fact, the chair chair of the leisure chair is a stereotyped skeleton for the whole leisure chair itself. What is the characteristic of the chair? What kind of chair legs, there will be what kind of leisure chair. A variety of chair legs to the leisure chair to bring a variety of "soul", suitable for all kinds of places and atmosphere, so in the purchase of leisure chairs must pay attention to the relationship between chair legs and leisure chairs. There are several main chair legs: steel feet - almost the same as the cast iron feet will be used as most of the chair, because it is made of steel or angle steel or square steel round steel production, so the procurement Processing and creative modeling have a lot of flexibility. For the process requirements are not high, so this foot leisure chair to get the effect of beauty but also more creative designers. The steel feet are ideal for casual chair legs. Cast iron feet - like steel feet, is one of the main materials of leisure chairs. Its manufacturing method for the use of molten steel (high temperature liquid steel) into the mold after cooling molding. The shape of the foot mainly to see the designer's original design to create, mold is difficult to change after the success of building. Strength due to molten steel casting, so the strength is high, but also very heavy. Compared to the steel feet, in the mold when you can add patterns and other patterns, so that leisure chair more beautiful. It is noteworthy that some casual chair businessmen in the molten steel by adding other cheap elements (carbon, or iron) or thinen the thickness of the chair, on the one hand becomes lighter, on the other hand the strength of the chair will fall. Another point to note is that the possibility of such a chair stolen high. Not only can cast steel, cast aluminum feet more high-end, of course, more expensive stamping feet - compared to steel feet and cast iron feet, stamping feet leisure chair seems more competitive. It is made in a large machine under the stamping of steel plate forming the chair is more simple and efficient, easy to install combination.

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