Process and material characteristics of preservative wood leisure chair

- Jun 27, 2017 -

Outdoor leisure chair because of its environment for the outdoor, so the material optional narrow. Mostly to stone, marble, wood, stainless steel, steel and other materials based. (Sun ultraviolet, wind and rain corrosion, man-made damage, etc.), so the material requirements for the leisure chair is relatively high, four-star landscape in the park, the park is located in the park, residential, roadside and other public places, so its high exposure and high damage This is for you to introduce a preservative wood leisure chair.

Leisure chair material process: the chair surface using high-quality imported antiseptic wood, imported mountain camphor wood or water wood production, can inhibit the leisure chair is not subject to biological, microbial storage, breeding and erosion, to extend the anti-corrosion wood leisure chair in the outdoor environment Service life. Leisure chair surface using outdoor polyester paint or the United States Tom Sun outdoor water seal paint painting, with waterproof anti-mildew, the protection of the role of inhibition of mold and algae growth, can effectively reduce the UV lead to leisure chair fade, and To maintain a leisure chair outside the beautiful and generous particularly suitable for parks, scenic spots, residential areas and other public places.

Leisure chair tripod material: the use of marble digital carving patterns, connecting part of the steel structure welding, pickling phosphating paint production, strong, durable, beautiful design

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