Steel outdoor chairs daily cleaning method

- Jun 27, 2017 -

1. General product daily care methods:

(1) sweep the surface of the product with dust sweep, dust can also be blown away with wind or gas.

(2) with a towel or soft cotton flannel gently along the wipe.

2. Cloth, leather, leather and fuel products Clean and daily care methods:

(1) cloth dirty cleaning method: required materials: all-purpose water white soft towel or white fine cotton cloth (about 0.1m2 / block)

3. Cleaning procedures:

(1) first a towel or white cotton cloth wet, wring dry to no dripping;

(2) the amount of all-round water sprayed on the towel;

(3) with a towel to wipe the stains of the site, the force can not be too much, after the first cleaning, to be observed after drying effect, if not, can be repeated 2 to 3 times;

(4) such as clean and unclean parts of the obvious contrast, you can clean together.

4. Note:

(1) generally in 30 minutes will naturally dry, such as anxious to use dry air blowing dry, but can not use hot air drying;

(2) avoid towel too wet, so as not to penetrate into the sponge or cloth, easy to mold, hair up and smell;

(3) different series of cloth wipe intensity is different, especially the 800 series, please pay special attention;

(4) When one of the towels is dirty, please use a spare towel to clean.

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