What is the safest choice for outdoor leisure chairs?

- Jun 27, 2017 -

After the old man, sit and stand to be careful, otherwise it may be injured. Professor Yang Li of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine pointed out that for the elderly, sitting time may be longer than lying time, so prepare a highly appropriate, soft and hard leisure chair is particularly important.

The best choice of leisure chair, the height should be shorter than the heel to the knee height of 5 cm; the best hard back; chair the best flexibility, but not too soft, like a wooden dress chair is a good choice, but also Can put a soft cushion on the chair, put a footrest at the foot, so that the legs can be flat to prevent lower limb ischemia.

1. The height of the chair should be equal to the height of the leg below the knee, that is, when the old man is sitting, the foot can be flat on the ground.

2. The weight of the chair should be appropriate, too light, it is difficult to maintain a certain degree of stability.

3. with a pulley switch chair is best not to sit because of its poor stability, and for some of the elderly, often rocking chair can cause dizziness and other symptoms, when the accident is also prone to accidents.

Yili Shun Mu Mu do not remind, the elderly no matter where they sit, should not immediately "anxious", "fierce", the action should be slow and soft, should rely on objects around to do support or with anti-skid stick, slowly stand upstairs.

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