5 Large Material Car Seats, Which One Do You Most Like?

- Aug 30, 2018 -

2, leather seat


The leather seat mainly refers to the seat made of leather fabric used in the high-grade model of the ordinary car.


Leather seat features:

(1) Leather fabric can highlight the grade of the car, and at the same time provide a more comfortable ride, enhance the taste and status of the owner;

(2) In the materials used, the general family car seats are mostly made of genuine quality leather or artificial leather, mainly for economic and practical considerations;

(3) In terms of durability and care, car manufacturers will consider the market positioning of the car and use leather seats with high durability and easy care;

(4) Defects of leather seats: Although leather fabrics help to improve the car grade, there is still a big gap with high-grade leather fabrics; leather seats are cost-effective, design is relatively simple, poor ventilation; leather seats It will heat up quickly under the sun, making the car quickly become a "steamer."


Leather seat It is actually not easy to take care of, it is not easy to dirty and not easy to take care of, after all, it is made of leather or leather, the more advanced the car skin is definitely better, this is the reason to take care of your shoes. How do you take care of the seats on the car? Although there is a special oil for selling leather, but it is still very laborious to take care of every day; personally think that the leather seat is still comfortable, but it is not a good thing to sit for a long time, it will be hot and sweaty. I feel a little uncomfortable. As for whether the leather seat is on the grade, the topic is a bit too broad, because everyone's preferences are different, you think it is very high grade, but some people hate it. There is nothing that can be done, it can only be said that the grade is medium. If your car is not very expensive, its durability will not be very good, and if it is not well managed, its service life will be reduced; when it comes to leather seats, it is not as good as fabric seats. Because it is not breathable, it will feel very uncomfortable. Even if the seat cover is put on the outside, it will still be airtight.


Leather seats do not require special care. If the surface is stained, wipe it off with a damp cloth. If it is difficult to remove the oil, it must be wiped with a cleaner that cleans the dermis to prevent damage to the cortex. Moreover, during use, it is also necessary to prevent the metal sharps from scratching the seat cover.


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