All Bulk And Semi-bulk Parts What Are The Differences Between CKD And SKD?

- Jun 15, 2018 -

CKD————All loose parts

CKD is a proper terminology for imported vehicles as a full-divided part. Local production of parts and components is performed at a lower retail price, with lower tariffs and lower wages, using local labor to assemble vehicles. .

All parts can be imported parts, or locally produced parts. Nowadays, most OEM suppliers use some imported components. Some locally produced components and some locally produced components are assembled on the assembly line into assemblies or components.

SKD --- semi-bulk parts

In international trade, especially in the international automobile trade, the auto companies in the vehicle exporting country dismantle the finished products and export them in the form of semi-finished products or components, and then the import manufacturers complete the finished vehicle assembly in their own country by self-assembly. And sell it.

Among them, SKD (semi-bulk parts) refers to the major components of the automobile assembly (such as the engine, chassis, etc.), which are basically packaged in the form of semi-finished products. The importing country will install them into vehicles on the spot.


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