All Materials In Passenger Car Seats Are Basically Flame-retardant

- Jun 19, 2018 -

The passenger seat is a riding facility that provides occupants and is integrated with or separate from the vehicle structure. When a collision accident occurs, it needs a good cooperation between the seat, the seat belt, and the airbag to provide effective protection to the occupants. . With the continuous development of car seat technology, its composition is also undergoing changes. The pros and cons of the design directly affect the safety and comfort of the ride and the perception of the interior, which occupies an important position in the overall security technology of the host. Therefore, the technical requirements for the seats of the main engine plant are high, and the core components need to achieve high manufacturing precision and high strength. With technological breakthroughs and supporting upgrades, autonomous seat manufacturers have steadily advanced from autonomous to joint ventures, and have entered the supply chain of mainstream vehicle manufacturers.

Many car seat manufacturers just mentioned the car, even if it was not just a new car, they also like to do a lot of vehicle decoration. Among them, this seat cover is included. However, this is really a bad behavior. why? Tell you today. In fact, this original seat is very particular about.

This seat was tested many times before and after the factory. There are a lot of features that are wasted after they are added.

Flame retardant function

Flame retardant, hence the name Si Fang is the meaning of preventing burning. All the materials in the car are basically flame-retardant. The people in the car must sit in the seat. If the flame-retardant function is not up to the standard and a fire breaks out, people will soon die!

However, these seat covers that we bought cannot achieve the standard of flame-retardant functions. If the consequences of the fire are unthinkable...

Affecting the use of safety features

We know that vehicles today have side airbags. And many car side airbags are in the seat. After an accident, the airbag is popping out of a blast. The seat cover sealed the seat seam, causing it to fail. Affect our safety!

Even if it does not prevent the airbag from popping out, it will change the pop-up route of the airbag and cause secondary damage to people!

Is it necessary to add head restraints?

The seat is carefully engineered by the engineer. Our seat angle is precisely calculated by the engineer. Angles, etc. are all protective measures against the cervical spine in the event of an accident. However, some friends added head restraints and made it all pointless.

Many of my friends bought a new car and wanted to make it better. I also wanted this car to be relatively new and use it better. Even when I sold a used car, the price could be higher.

Well, everyone cares about this seat, especially the leather seats. At a glance you can see the new and old car, and you want to buy a seat cover, whether you want to add it or not. Do not depend on it. Let's share it with you today.

Can car seat cover be added casually?

Seat safety testing

First of all, the seat is a very important part of the passive safety of the car. It is a safety testing standard. The US IIHS and the European Euro NCAP safety agencies spend a lot of money each year to test the seat. Take a look at this safety seat.

Static/dynamic test

Then it is divided into static and dynamic, static test is to see if this person and the seat of some position parameters have not produced more obvious changes, such as how cervical fit, head and pillow relative position science unscientific.

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