Auditorium Chairs And Theater Chairs Are Awkward To Clean. How To Maintain A Good Variety Of Seats?

- May 07, 2018 -

The seats are classified according to their use and are divided into: auditorium chairs, theater chairs, cinema chairs, waiting chairs, desks and chairs. In order to extend the service life of various types of chairs, attention must be paid to its use and maintenance. Auditorium chairs and theater chairs are too cumbersome to clean, and time and effort are lost. How do you take care of auditorium chairs and theater chairs?


    1. The chair for different fabrics also has different maintenance methods. When the fabric chair surface is stained with dust, just gently pat it or use a vacuum cleaner to sift it. When you touch the granular item, you can use the soft brush to handle it lightly. brush. If stained with beverage water, use a paper towel to remove water, wipe gently with a warm water-based detergent, and then use a clean cloth to dry the water. Dry at low temperatures.

    2. If it is a leather chair, wipe it with a soft, dry cloth. Never allow chemicals such as petroleum alcohol or thinner to drip on the chair. This can cause deterioration of the chair's appearance and appearance. Wipe the neutral detergent diluted with warm water (1% to 3%) first, then wipe the cleaning liquid with a wrung water rag, and finally dry it with a dry cloth to allow it to dry naturally. After all dry, use a proper amount of leather care agent to wipe it evenly.

    3. The aluminum alloy material can be divided into four kinds of surface treatment methods, plating, polishing and baking paint treatment. Surface treatment with electroplating, anode and paint treatment, the maintenance is relatively simple, usually just use a cleaning agent with a cotton cloth to wipe. The latter aluminum alloy polishing process is relatively easy to oxidize, and it can be wiped with a cleaning cloth at ordinary times during maintenance. If oxidation occurs, you can use aluminum special care products to clean it once a season. Chrome-plated chrome plating is very simple in terms of maintenance. Wipe with a cleansing agent can always be bright and beautiful.

    4. When the seat is tilted, if there is abnormal sound, you can use the lubricating fluid spray around the axis joints or springs, etc. to eliminate the noise.

    5. The paint coating on the surface of the seat not only plays a role in decorating and beautifying the surface of the furniture, but also protects the surface of the chair. Therefore, the lacquer on the surface of the chair should be cleaned regularly, usually for three months. First, use a soft towel to wipe off the dust and dirt on the chair surface. After the surface is slightly dry, use a furniture wax or liquid wax to gently wipe the surface of the chair for glazing.

    6. For wooden materials, cleaning is relatively simple, with a soft damp cloth. It is only during normal people's use that care should be taken to remind people to avoid placing drinks, chemicals or overheated objects on the surface as much as possible so as not to damage the natural color of the wood surface. At the same time, strong absorption of natural lustrous leather that does not damage the surface of the wood should be avoided. Antifouling should be taken care of and no irritating detergent should be used.

    7. The gap between the back, armrest and the seat surface can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. However, when using a vacuum cleaner, do not use a suction brush to prevent damage to the weaving threads on the textile fabric to make the fabric bulky, and to avoid sucking with excessive suction force. This may cause the thread to be cut off. Consider using a small size. Vacuum cleaner to clean.


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