Automotive Innovation: Seat Monitors Drivers For Fatigue Driving And Reminds

- Jun 06, 2018 -

According to Suzhou Bonwell experts, engineers at Plessis Semiconductor can determine whether the driver is in a state of fatigue by measuring the driver’s heart rate.

    This method measures the heart rate change of the driver by using a sensor located on the back of the car seat.

    Previously, Mercedes and Volvo's vehicles were equipped with a device that could monitor the vehicle's driving path with a camera. When the vehicle exceeds the preset number of errors within a certain period of time, the onboard computer system can determine that the driver needs a coffee break for a while. Now, there is a better way to do this.

    Plessey is a semiconductor manufacturing company whose engineers came up with a creative approach: they measure the driver’s heart rate changes by using six sensors located on the back of the car seat. A sensitive indicator of whether the driver is asleep or not.

    Prior to the advent of this technology, the electrocardiogram was measured by attaching the electrodes to the bare chest skin of the human body. This new sensor is intentionally installed in the lower part of the seat back of a car seat to reduce the noise signal caused by motion.

    Currently, Plessis provides automotive manufacturers with such equipment for evaluation and testing. The kit includes a USB device box and can connect to the monitor and recording software.

    There is no doubt that if the technology can be used cheaply for future vehicles, car manufacturers will scramble to purchase the ECG monitor on this seat. After all, Volvo has been aiming to reach Volvo car driver zero casualties by 2020. This new technological leap will help Volvo achieve this goal.


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