Can The Manual Seat Of The Car Be Modified With A Power Seat? Will It Be Affected After The Change?

- Sep 14, 2018 -

Can a car manual seat be retrofitted with a power seat? Will it have an impact after the change? --- Absolutely no effect. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the continuous improvement of road traffic conditions, automobiles have become an indispensable means of transportation for many families. People enjoy the convenience and speed of the car, and put forward the safety and comfort of the car. Higher requirements. The car seat is the main safety part of the car. The comfort of the seat directly affects the safety of the driving. The complicated operation of the manual seat and the easy jamming between the mechanisms during adjustment have a direct impact on the safety of the driving, and the electric seat It just happens to improve the shortcomings of the manual seat. It has a one-button operation: simple, convenient, fast, safe and stable. It is the best choice to improve the safety and comfort of people while driving. Electric slide rail: The slide rail is divided into two types (front type and center type), the stroke can reach 220mm~240mm, built-in screw rod, no commutation noise, no dead time, no gap, flexible adjustment, simple operation, etc. , running speed: 12-25mm / s, operating voltage: 12V.

 Electric lumbar support: the lumbar support includes a driver, a connecting plate, a sliding assembly, a pull wire, a pallet, and a support rod, and the driver is disposed on the sliding assembly through a connecting plate and a pallet disposed on the sliding assembly In one piece, one end of the cable is connected to the driver, the other end is connected to the support rod, and the support rod is arranged on the pallet. Simple operation, compact size, flexible adjustment, not easy to damage and mechanical failure, easy to install and maintain.

Electric recliner: The electric recliner has strong versatility, high locking strength, no commutation noise when the backrest is adjusted, and no stagnation time. Static strength: ≥4000N·m (double), fatigue strength: 500N.m, adjustment accuracy: stepless adjustment tail impact test: 95th percentile dummy 14-21G (ECE standard) electric leg rest: this leg rest It is an Alpha telescopic leg rest, which is the effect of rotating the motor crossbar through the motor to make the core piece run up and down freely. The angle range is 0-90 degrees.

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 At present, when people sit on the car seat, the calf part is suspended for a long time and cannot meet the comfort requirements of the people. The electric leg rest can satisfy this very well. It can make people not hang when the seat is sitting. Let people relax naturally in the body to achieve a very comfortable comfort. Simple operation, stepless adjustment, stable operation, durable, no gap, safe, good strength, electric rise (increased inclination): This function is to drive the assembly up by the motor to turn the screw separately, easy to operate, stop with the use, Infinitely adjustable, stable and safe, and durable, it can realize the linear increase of two motors simultaneously through the switch circuit, and realize the effect of leaning forward and backward tilting when rotating alone. Infinitely adjustable armrests: This armrest is an infinitely adjustable, unlocked clockwise downwards. After unlocking, counterclockwise operation can be locked in any position, so that the driver feels sore when he is driving.

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