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- Aug 24, 2018 -

Second, the production method of car seats:

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The production of the seat is difficult and simple. Two or three people and a sewing machine can wrap the leather chair out. The surface looks ok, but the insider looks much worse.

The making of the leather chair is the most basic and important work. It is an important indicator to measure the quality of the leather chair. The version of the leather chair is checked by experienced professional technicians. Once the layout is confirmed, the following is the production process.

The first step is to cut the skin. A piece of cowhide is about 40 to 50 square feet. The leather and leather surface of the cow's back is the best part of the leather. It is generally used for the backrest and seat cushion of the seat. Because the two parts of the seat are under pressure and friction for a long time, it is also the most susceptible part. . The surface of the beef belly and the neck of the cow is poor. It is generally used for the skirt of the seat or the part that is difficult to see. The leather has the same stretching direction as the cloth. Some leather chairs sit for a month or two. Concavity and convexity occur, mostly due to improper orientation of the skin.

The second step is sewing. After the leather is cut, it enters the sewing process. There is also some emphasis here. Under the leather, the 12 to 15 mm thick sponge with mesh bottom is also called super-powerful cotton. Note that some shops are cutting corners here. When sewing, it is very important for the worker to be familiar. Once the leather is stitched, it can't be changed again. Otherwise, it will leave obvious pinholes on the leather. When checking, pay attention to whether the stitch length of the open thread is even and the head is free. Exposed, with or without burrs and thread ends, whether the line and leather color are the same.

The third step, the set seat, is simply to put the sewn holster on the seat. It's simple to say, it's not so easy to do. In the suit, the leather case will be torn or scratched if it is slightly inadvertent. After putting it on, the leather case should be affixed to the seat by tapping and pulling. The staple of the fixed leather case should be rust-proof. The size and tightness of the nail distribution should be consistent. When assembling the seat, the joint between the seat cushion and the cushion should be symmetrical.

The fourth step is to reload the seat. The space inside the door and the car is limited, the size of the seat is not small, and it is relatively heavy. When reloading, it is necessary to avoid scratching the seat surface and not touching the paint, so it must be done according to the requirements of the reloading process. Otherwise, If you are not careful, you will lose all your efforts.

Generally, the leather chair of a five-seat car takes 3 to 4 hours to be finished.

After the leather chair is used for a while, some car owners will encounter some troubles:

1. Foaming: Also called the separation layer, mainly because of the quality of the glue. Try to use imported skin.

2. Needle thread cracking: legacy problems in materials or workmanship. Look for the store to return.

3. Discoloration: The quality of the leather itself. Try to choose imported leather.

4. Deformation: mainly concentrated on the seat cushion and backrest. It is a process problem that is not cut by the texture of the skin. Ok, the introduction about the leather chair making is here, I hope to help you.

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