Car Seat Covers Are So Dangerous, Why Are You Still Loading? ----Suzhou Bonwell

- Sep 08, 2018 -

Many people bought a new car and liked to decorate the car. For example, the car is equipped with a seat cover, the steering wheel is also equipped with a set and so on. It is very popular to add a seat cover to a car seat in China. Even the owner of the car bought the chair cover first. In their view, the benefits of adding a seat cover are numerous, which can extend the life of the seat, facilitate seat cleaning, and the like. Is this really the case? In fact, many seats are more difficult to wear on the seat cover. Let's take a look at why this is the case?

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1, the seat has airbags, must not be added

Airbags We know that when it comes to danger, it can pop up to save lives. I think everyone has heard the side airbags. There are airbags on the car. If you find the "airbag" sign on your own seat, it is the position of the airbag, which is the position where the airbag is deployed. Do not install a seat cover with this side airbag. The airbag itself is not designed for a seat cover that requires extra penetration. The performance of the airbag when an emergency situation requires more penetration of a seat cover is also unknown and is likely to be dangerous. If the sign is not found on the seat (or approximate, labeling SRS or AIRBAG), it means that there is no side airbag and you don't have to worry about it.

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2, the seat cover changes the friction of the seat

At the beginning of the manufacturer's design, the seat was designed to be diagonal. Moreover, its material is also specially selected, in order to prevent collision accidents, due to insufficient friction, the person on the seat pops up to be hurt. The popular "ice silk" and many other material seat covers and seat cushions on the market are slippery. Once the brakes are urgently stopped, the buttocks are likely to slide out first, and there is no safety protection at all.

3, cheap 09-55-38-75-3290.jpgseat cover, harmful to health

Especially for new cars, the taste is not good. Although the taste is not good, the vehicle has been tested for volatile content of organic matter when it leaves the factory. Monitoring includes: formaldehyde, styrene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and the like. However, the seat cover does not undergo these monitoring, it is directly sold to the market, and even some cushions are just packaged when they are produced, and harmful substances can be imagined. The good quality price is also very expensive. Therefore, for your own health, it is not recommended to buy a seat cover.


Finally, everyone is reminded that the seat has been carefully designed by engineers. Our seat angles have been accurately calculated by engineers. Angles, etc. are protective measures for the cervical spine in the event of an accident. However, some friends added a headrest and made it all meaningless. In addition, the adjustment of the height of the headrest is also very important. The best position of the headrest is that the center line of the headrest is just in line with the eyebrows, otherwise it will not be safe.

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