Car Seat Headrest Safety Features Can Not Be Underestimated

- May 30, 2018 -

Increased safety is the primary function of seat head restraints

In fact, headrest safety is more important than comfort. In fact, head restraints should be considered more of a safe configuration. A small car head restraint can protect the head and neck of the occupants of the vehicle in the moment of a traffic accident to minimize damage to the vehicle. In the event of a violent collision with the car, such as rear-end collision, the impact force is so great that the driver's head will suddenly recoil and the fragile neck will be vulnerable. Without headrest protection, the occupants may experience stiff neck pain or neck muscle and bone damage, and more severe problems may cause nervous system problems.

       In order to ensure that the seat head restraint can protect the neck of passengers from harm at the critical moment, the national mandatory standards have strict regulations on the material, strength, energy absorption, position and size of the car headrest.

       The comfort degree of the headrest is basically proportional to the price of the car


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