Car Seat Industry Overview

- Sep 04, 2018 -

The car seat is a ride that provides the occupant to ride and is integrated or separated from the vehicle. When a collision accident occurs, the seat needs to be well matched with the seat belt and the airbag to effectively protect the occupants. . The advantages and disadvantages of the seat design directly affect the safety and comfort of the ride, as well as the look and feel of the interior, which plays an important role in the overall safety technology of the host. Therefore, the main engine factory has high technical requirements for the seat, and the core components need to achieve high manufacturing precision and high strength. Bonwell Auto has recently compiled an overview of the industry chain for car seats, including: basic introduction, classification characteristics, process flow, development trend, market size, competition pattern, assembly rate, list of recommended suppliers, etc., for industry reference!

bus passenger seats.png

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  • Cinema Sofa Leather Seat Chairs
  • Foldable Camping Chair for Fishing Resting
  • Cinema Vip Movie Recling Seat Sofa Seats For Home Theatre
  • Fiberglass Racing Sport Auto Car Seat with Recliner

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