Car Seats Often Peel Off After A Long Time? Teach You A Simple And Stupid Trick. The Seat Is The Same As The New One.

- May 09, 2018 -

1. The leather seat fabric is more expensive. The corrosiveness of the general cleaning agent will damage the leather fabric, and the weak alkaline of soap water will not cause damage to it. We wipe the towel with hot soapy water and wipe it clean. The hot towel can wipe off the traces of soap!

2. If the leather seat is dirty and wrinkled, we can use milk to restore it. Everyone knows that the lubricating effect of milk is good. In fact, milk has a very good cleaning and maintenance effect on the seats of leather fabrics. Wipe the seat with a towel and apply proper amount of milk to wipe the seat. The oily stains and stains that are difficult to clean can be carried away. Often, the leather seats are scrubbed to smooth the folds, maintain the shiny texture of the leather, and give you a brand new seat. chair.

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