Car Ventilation Seat, How Much Do You Know?

- Apr 23, 2018 -

The car seat air conditioning system is an effective supplement to the automobile air conditioning system. It can adjust the temperature and humidity of the seat surface to meet the requirements of different seating crews on the surface temperature of the seat in different seasons, which helps the occupants to maintain ample. The energy and sober response.

The ventilation function of the car seat is mainly composed of air outlet and suction device/breathable layer and pressure-proof special material/wind direction conversion device/cooling (thermal) system and central control system. After the electricity is turned on, the air/suction and cooling and heating functions are formed on the seat and rest surface, which can quickly dissipate the hot (cold) air/humidity on the seat surface. Even if you take a long time, you can guarantee the body and seat. The contact part is dry and comfortable at a suitable temperature.


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