Do You Know Which Car Seat Is Safer?

- Sep 20, 2018 -

Recently, I heard a friend say that he and a few friends came to rent a car for a self-driving tour, and five men squeezed a Dongfeng Peugeot 207. The brother sitting in the middle seat in the back row is all kinds of uncomfortable! The legs are not straight, the head can't be lifted, and the brakes are momentarily paused. The head blocks the rear window and the driver complains... The feeling of this "chicken rib" seat is who knows who is sitting. There is no obstruction in front of this position. In case of a sudden stop on the vehicle, if the passenger does not sit well, it is possible to fly out from the gap in the middle of the front seat at any time, which is quite dangerous. Everyone has to sit in the middle seat in the back row, but it is basically forced, so it is necessary to know how to use this seat safely. The theme of this issue: "Talk about the safety of the middle seat in the back row."


The style of the middle seats in the back row are different.

Although the rear middle seat is nominally a formal seat, its style and configuration is significantly simpler than the other four positions in the car. There are not many styles of the rear middle seats that we usually have. There are three main types:

 1, with headrest and three-point seat belt

 2, only three-point seat belt

 3, only two-point seat belt

From the safety point of view, the first style of the middle seat is the most reliable, and the headrest is also set, it feels very kind to look at it; the configuration of the three-point seat belt is not bad, it can also play in an emergency. Fix the role of the occupant. And the middle seat with only two-point seat belts, don't expect comfort.

I believe no one will take the initiative to choose the middle seat in the back row, because this position is really uncomfortable. However, this location is actually the safest! A team of experts in the United States spent nearly 10 years, with five cars as the target, through the investigation and analysis of the accident and many real vehicle tests, came to a conclusion: in the case of passengers fastened the seat belt, The safety of the five seats in the car is from large to small: the rear middle seat, the driver's rear seat, the first officer's rear seat, the driver's seat, and the first officer's seat.


We seriously think about it. This conclusion is actually justified: under the premise that the passengers are wearing seat belts, after the collision of the vehicle, the rear passengers are not easy to move forward, so the possibility of being injured by the collision in front is obvious. Less than the front passengers; passengers sitting in the middle of the rear row, because they are sitting on both sides, are already in a "protected" state, and there is no obstacle in front, when the vehicle is deformed by collision, the rear The compression in the middle position is minimal.

The rear seat is the safest position in the car, so how should we ride it correctly?

 The first step: fasten your seat belt

In fact, no matter where you are in the car, this step is necessary; especially the rear passengers, it is not necessary to wear a seat belt when the vehicle is running at high speed.

The second step is to find an effective support site.

After fastening the seat belt, you have to find a place to support your body. This location is special, there are no doors to lean on both sides, only by the passengers on both sides; in addition, the hands and feet need to find support and accommodation.

RV power seats.jpg

Who is suitable for this position?

 Not everyone is suitable for sitting in the middle seat in the back. For safety and comfort, children and small adults are more suitable for this position. For example, in the absence of a child safety seat, the child can sit in the middle of the back seat and fasten the seat belt.

In fact, many people, including myself, don't know that the uncomfortable rear middle seat is actually the safest position. Of course, the premise of "safest" is that passengers must fasten their seat belts, otherwise all safety factors are clouds. Although the two-point seat belt also has a protective effect, we recommend that you try to choose the rear middle seat with a three-point seat belt to ensure maximum safety.

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