Do You Need A Seat Cover For A Car With A Leather Seat? You Will Know When You Finish Reading.

- Aug 17, 2018 -

First of all, you need to determine three points: First, it is leather, or imitation leather, is all leather, or part of the leather. In some models, the main contact surface is leather, and the other splicing parts are imitation leather. Most of the stitched "half leather" comfort and feel are not good. Second, is there a side airbag (note that it is not a head air curtain). Three: Is there room heating and ventilation? After confirming these three points, respectively understand that the principle is that the semi- dermis can be considered to add a seat cover, because the seat cover is more comfortable. The side airbag is not a reason to add a seat cover because the seat cover can reserve a position for the airbag. In addition, in order to better the effect of seat heating and ventilation, it is not recommended to add a seat cover. Therefore, there are several suggestions for summing up and adding a seat cover: 1. Full leather + seat ventilation heating = no need to add; 2, half leather + seat ventilation heating = can be added or not; 3 full, half leather + no seat Ventilation join = add seat cover.

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