Does A Car Leather Seat Require A Seat Cover? How Do We Maintain Leather Seats In Our Daily Routine?

- Sep 03, 2018 -

Many people buy a car, especially a leather seat. At this time, many people will consider the need for a seat cover for a car leather seat? How to identify leather seats? And how do we maintain leather seats in our daily routine?

In Xiaobian's view, it can't be installed casually. The advantage of installation is that it is resistant to dirt. Because the seat cover can be disassembled and replaced at any time, it is very convenient to change the wash. Some people think that the seat cushion can protect the leather well and prevent it from being damaged and aging. Therefore, some car owners believe that the leather seat can be effectively cleaned by adding a seat cover. You can also choose a personalized seat cover according to your own preferences, and can solve the problem of hot summer and cool winter. The owner can decide according to his own needs and circumstances, and there are children to prevent damage. But do you know the downside?

1. The elastic band used to fix the seat cover is basically the position where the side airbag is exploded. The consequences can be imagined. Even without considering the problem of the fixed strap, the airbag itself is not designed for a seat cover that requires extra penetration. When an emergency situation requires more penetration of a seat cover, the performance of the airbag is unknown.

2, because the car leather seats are not as arrogant as we think, as long as the usual care, leather seats are actually more dirt-resistant than the average fabric seat, and ordinary dust and stains just use a clean rag gently It is also very convenient to wipe.

3. If the seat cover is installed, not only the advantages of the leather seat itself can not be reflected, but the long-term friction will cause damage to the leather surface, which is obviously not worth the loss.

4, the car leather seat plus a seat cover will reduce the grade of the car, affecting the appearance.

5, the general leather has a good heat dissipation performance, after the installation can not be so heat.

6. Seat cover and driving safety are hooked. In case of emergency such as frontal, side impact or rear-end collision, the seat should be designed to ensure that people will not fall due to impact force, resulting in seat belt failure or unknown problems. . Bad ones may slip down and the poet is injured twice.

7. Maybe you think the seat cover you bought is very good, there is no smell, but you don't know what it will be after the sun in the hot sun. Therefore, no matter from the perspective of safety or health, it is recommended that you do not buy seat covers.

How to identify leather seats

Identify leather seats in a way that is similar to identifying leather shoes or leather garments. One is to look at: Observe whether the grain of the leather is natural or uniform, with wrinkles and pores on it. If it is too bright and tidy, it may be synthetic leather. The second is to smell: whether there is a unique smell of natural leather. The third is to touch: whether it feels awkward, whether wrinkles appear when pressed, and so on.

How do we care for leather seats in daily life?

1. The car leather chair should be kept away from the heat source. If it is too close to the heat source, the leather will be cracked.

2, do not expose to the sun for a long time, to avoid leather fading.

3, regular cleaning and maintenance, use a semi-dry wet rag to help the dust, keep dry and clean.

4, if it is dirty, use a small amount of foam cleaning agent to clean, keep the leather surface dry.

5, when sitting in the seat, avoid the key ring on the body, the iron button on the clothes, etc. to contact the seat to prevent scratches.

6. Prevent the liquid from soaking the seat.

7, can not use washing powder, detergent to wash the car because it contains alkaline ingredients, long-term use can make the paint tarnish, matte, chapped, rust. Use a special crystal clear liquid or car wash.

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