Ergonomic Design Of Car Passenger Seats

- Jun 02, 2018 -

Ergonomics analysis of car driving, safe and comfortable car driver seat design must meet the following requirements; awareness of sitting comfort (static comfort); second is vibration comfort (dynamic comfort) third is operating comfort: four It is security (both active and passive).

Seat material selection

The choice of seat material mainly considers the following two aspects: vibration comfort and the main influence of the seat on the body's thermal environment. The seat material is the main vibration-reducing element of the seat. In order to achieve a lower vibration transmissibility of the seat and a higher vibration comfort of the seat, a proper seat cushion and backrest damping material must be used. The base of the seat is made of 45 gauge steel, making it more impact resistant and the surrounding material is made of flexible plastic. According to the micro-climate environment of the cab, adjusting the temperature and humidity characteristics of the seat surface can properly regulate the metabolism of the human body and reduce fatigue.


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