Gas Spring Average Life Comparison And Quick Reset?

- Sep 28, 2018 -

Gas spring, which is an important and website-based product, so in the learning requirements, it is necessary to reach a comprehensive level, in order to know how to properly use the gas spring, and to get a good use. Moreover, this is a very good learning opportunity for all of us, so we should take it seriously and keep it in a timely manner, instead of wasting such a good learning opportunity.

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1. Gas springs, is the domestic and imported products the same in terms of average service life?

The service life of gas springs is required to reach 3W times in national standards. Moreover, it is also related to the frequency of use and the environment of use. If the product is made in China, its average service life is 6W times, and the average service life of imported products is 15W times. Therefore, on this issue, the answer is different.


2. Random gas spring This kind of gas spring is between two kinds of gas springs?

The gas spring, which is a random gas spring, is characterized by its relationship between a free gas spring and a self-locking gas spring. The inside of this kind of gas spring has a balance valve mechanism, and a reasonable external load design can make the gas spring stop at any position, but it has extra locking force. Its application industry is in the industries of kitchen furniture, medical equipment and electronic products.


3. Gas spring, can it be quickly reset and pressed?

The gas spring, under normal conditions, can be quickly reset after being compressed because it is in the stretched state. However, if the self-tension is too small or the weight of the supported weight is too large, it cannot be quickly reset. Moreover, it is also related to both the mounting form and the functions that the gas spring can achieve.


Generally speaking, the internal pressure of the gas spring is designed to be large or small, and it is usually possible to press down. However, it should be noted that if the internal pressure exceeds 25 kg, it is difficult to press down by manpower. At this time, it is necessary to mount it on the component, and the principle of lever is used to achieve the pressing.

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