Give People The General Feeling Of The Egg Chair Of The Creative Concept

- Jun 27, 2017 -

The Egg Chair was designed for the Copenhagen Royal Hotel lobby and the reception area, where the machines were not yet ripe and everything needed to be handled manually, when Arne Jacobsen designed the egg yard in the garage at home. Egg Chair (Egg Chair) using glass steel blank, the outer layer is a woolen velvet or Italian leather, cushions and backrest size in line with the human body structure, with stereotypes sponge, increase flexibility, and resistance to sit without deformation. The entire chair of the cloth or leather below the cushion elastic sponge, not only the appearance of sleek and more flexible, so that sitting more comfortable. Four Star light aluminum feet, egg chair can be rotated 360 degrees (with tilting function). Aluminum feet and stainless steel feet, have to achieve the mirror effect, bright according to people, coupled with well-designed chairs and handrails, both sides of the corresponding symmetry, coupled with foot, more humane.

In 1958, Na Jacobson designed the egg chair for the Copenhagen Royal Hotel lobby and reception area. This oval chair has since become a sample of Danish furniture design. Egg chair unique shape, open up in a public place is not disturbed space - especially suitable for lying down or waiting, just like the same home. Na Jakobson, as architects and architects, are fruitful. His collaboration with Fritz Hansen dates back to 1934.

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