How Cushions And Cushions Foam?

- Jun 09, 2018 -

Foamed cushions are generally made of foaming machines. Mixing several kinds of materials into the correspondingly shaped molds and heating them to form foams is like steaming steamed bread. The foaming process usually has two kinds of thermal foaming and cold foaming, and the hardness and durability of the finished product will be different due to the different temperatures of the oven.

In addition to traditional foaming processes, some new processes are emerging, such as DHH horizontal foaming technology and R-comfort foaming technology. DHH horizontal foaming technology is also called “double foaming technology”. The strength and hardness of the upper and lower layers are different. The upper layer is more flexible and can improve driving comfort, while R-comfort technology can make the surface of the foam on the seat show a variety of lines. Not only is it more flexible, but it is also conducive to ventilation and cooling, and overall it is more comfortable.


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