How Do Companies View Electric Trucks And Electric Stackers?

- Sep 07, 2018 -

In the use of electric pallet trucks, it can effectively improve work efficiency and reduce enterprise costs, as follows:

1. The cost of direct handling can be reduced by more than 25% compared to manual handling.

2. The cargo unit can be moved more, saving transportation time.

3. Reduce damage to items and improve product success rate.

4. Increase the height of the stack and increase the utilization of the stacking space.

5. Hydraulic trucks reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions.

6. Good maneuverability, diversified work performance, reduced other handling equipment, and reduced investment in the entire handling facility.

The electric stacker has good performance and can meet the needs of different industries, especially the modern warehousing logistics and transportation needs. There are many types of all-electric stackers. There are forward-looking stackers, fork-legged pallet stackers, legless counterweight stackers, wide-legged stackers, electric pickers, and single-pillars. Stacker, three-way stacker, side electric stacker, etc.

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The most important feature of the forward-moving stacker is that the fork and the gantry can move backwards and forwards by 550-650mm, and the length of the stacker can be shortened. This can effectively reduce the requirements for the passage, and there is no counterweight at the front leg. Effectively expanded its scope of use, but the price is relatively high.

The fork-legged pallet stacker is suitable for international single-sided pallets or cargo loading and unloading without pallets. It has the bottom leg and is the most commonly used stacker, and the price is cheap. However, the stacker chassis is relatively low and cannot work on uneven ground.

The legless counterweight stacker has no bottom legs. In order to ensure the level after the shovel, the weights need to be added. The forks can be tilted forward and backward. The applicable surface is wider, but the vehicle is too heavy. The price is relatively expensive and the channel distance requirements are relatively high.


The wide leg stacker has an inner width of 550-680mm and a wide leg that can be 1200-1500mm. It can handle the double-sided tray, but the length of the tray is lower than the inner width. The stacker effectively solves the double-sided tray. Or the requirements of some special goods, but the floor space is large, it is not easy to turn, and it is not convenient to operate.

The electric picking truck can only carry goods within 200kg. The weight of the goods is relatively low, but the lifting height of the car is large, so it is suitable for picking up goods in high warehouses. Because the operation of the car is because the person stands on the fork lifting device for upgrade control, the safety design requirements of the car are relatively high, and the operation of the car is complicated, and the technical difficulty is relatively high. The car also has the advantage of convenient picking.

The single-column stacker is to lift the double-gantry gantry of the ordinary stacker into a single-bar lift, which can achieve stable and uniform lifting without being restricted by parallel on both sides. Because it is a single pole lift, the load capacity is reduced, and the lifting height is not high.

The biggest advantage of the three-way stacker is that it can still be controlled freely in the 1.5-meter aisle space. If the ordinary all-electric stacker has good operation, the passage space must be 2.3 meters or more, so the three-way stacker It is widely used in the stacking operation of ultra-small channels and is very powerful, but it is very expensive and difficult to handle.

The side electric stacker is used for loading and unloading operations because its fork is installed on the side. It is mainly used in the case where the passage is too small. Generally, the side shift attachment is installed in the production process, but the regular production method It should be an integrated side-shifting fork. The price of the car is very expensive, and the fork is installed on the side, which obviously reduces the movement performance of the forklift, and the body is very heavy.

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