How Does The Car Glass Date Look?

- Jun 14, 2018 -

It is known that the production date of the glass can be seen on the window glass. Whether or not the vehicle has been replaced is a great help in distinguishing whether the vehicle is out of the way (when the vehicle is tumbling or bumping the glass is very simple to break). But this date code we may not have much attention



The date code of this pattern is only one digit. This figure represents the final digit of the year. Figure 8 shows how it was 2008. Then why did it not be 1998 and 1888? This can be determined based on the delivery period of the vehicle. The year of manufacture of the vehicle is 2007 and 2008. The year number of glass 8 should be 2008, and the production date of glass and vehicle will not differ by 10 years.


2. The year can be analyzed based on numbers. So how do you look at the month? We can look at the number before or after the number. The effect of this small point is used to determine the production month of the glass.

Small dots are shown in front of the figures in the first half of the year, accounting patterns 7-number of points before the month = month

Small dots indicate the second half of the year after the figures. The accounting pattern 13-digit number of points = month is shown in Figure 13-1=12.


3 In addition to the details of some glasses, there will be a few black star-shaped black dots after the year and month code. This little black star reads out the week of the month.

5 representatives 1-7

4 8-14

3 15-21

2 22-28

1 28-31

For some years in February, as long as 28 days, it will not show a star.

Learning to distinguish this date has greatly assisted us. For example, the difference between the window glass and the date of manufacture of the vehicle is more than one year. It is almost certain that the glass has been replaced!


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