How Important Is The Selection Of Cinema Chairs?

- Aug 23, 2018 -

The quality of the cinema chair determines the physical comfort of the audience and directly affects the look and feel of the cinema.

In the 1980s, people took their own "long benches" to the open-air shed to watch movies. With the development of the times, cinemas gradually spread to large and small. Because of the advent of high-tech electronic technology, it has gradually improved people's quality of life. The cinema has also changed. The quality of a movie theater has made the theater chair play a big role.

First of all, the selection of the backrest of the theater chair should be very particular, and the cinema chair has a direct relationship with the operating efficiency of the theater. There are roughly several indicators for cinema chairs:

cushion auditorium seating cinema chair.jpg

The seat backrest is lowered to the high and low position, and the backrest support is made of rubber, wood or steel. Whether there is sound when the person leaves the seat.

The support of the backrest determines the quality of a seat, and the bearing capacity and comfort are indispensable. The material selection is more important.

The armrest of the seat is a detail that is easily overlooked by everyone. Because the quality of the handrail can give the audience a different comfort, the armrest of the seat is also one of the important indicators to measure the quality of the seat.

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However, in addition to comfort, theater chairs also need to have fire protection. Cinemas are high-density public places. In the event of a fire, in order to delay the spread of fire, fire-retardant materials should be used to evacuate people.

Station foot: It is die-casted with aluminum alloy and the surface is sprayed.

Chair back: metal frame, multi-layer rotary cutting veneer pressure fireproof panel for panel

Seat: It is made of high quality fabric and hot pressed by mould and pressed against fireproof board.

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