How To Add Lubricant To The Forklift Clutch Release Bearing?

- Sep 07, 2018 -

The forklift rental company teaches you to lubricate the forklift clutch release shaft.

       Because the separation bearings of the internal combustion forklift clutch work very frequently, the number of damages accounts for a large proportion of forklift failures. In the case of better driver operation and timely maintenance of the forklift, the bearing can be used for about 3 months; if the driver's technical level is low, then the forklift he drives has a separate bearing damage almost every month, and will damage other zeros after damage. Components such as separation levers and clutch plates.

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Then what is the reason that the clutch release bearing is easily damaged? Practice has proved that when the driver drops the oil every time to the separation bearing, it does not help.

According to the analysis, the high temperature of the engine is transmitted to the separation bearing, and the high-speed rotation of the bearing also generates high temperature. Under such conditions, the lubricating oil is difficult to remain in the bearing, the bearing works continuously under high temperature conditions, and the lubrication condition is not good. Therefore, the separation bearing is easily damaged frequently.

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According to the above problems, it has been tested to put the bearing in the grease to make the grease soak into the bearing. After the treatment, the grease can fill the bearing, but the performance of the grease after the high temperature treatment is destroyed. The effect is greatly reduced, and the service life of the bearing has not been extended. The split bearing was also directly greased with a sharp grease gun.

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