How To Adjust The Car Seat Position?

- Apr 20, 2018 -

How to adjust the car seat position?

 The proper seat position is the precondition for the driver to maintain the correct driving posture. When the seat is not suitable, it should be adjusted in time. Nowadays, the design of driver seats for many cars is very user-friendly. Considering the different body shapes of drivers, adjustment can be made in many directions.


   (1)Adjusting the front and rear of the seat Adjust the front and rear position of the seat so that the distance between the body and the steering wheel, clutch pedal, brake pedal, and accelerator pedal is appropriate. It is convenient and agile to turn the steering wheel by both hands, and the legs are flexible and flexible. The adjustment method is: lifting the adjustment handle at the lower right of the seat, releasing the fixing device, the seat can be moved back and forth. After the position is adjusted, the adjustment handle can be released to fix the seat.


   (2) Adjusting the backrest angle Adjust the angle of the seat back so that the backrest of the seat supports the waist, and do not let the waist hang when reclining backward. This will reduce the fatigue during driving. The adjustment method is: Rotate the adjustment button on the left side of the seat and adjust it according to your body size. Tilt at most 1 to 2 segments. When adjusting, adjust the back-tilt angle with the power of the back and adjust it to the palm of your hand to hold the top of the steering wheel.


   (3) Adjustment of headrest height In order to better protect the driver's neck, the headrest of the car seat should be adjusted to an appropriate position. There are two types of headrests for car seats: manual adjustment and automatic adjustment. The manual adjustment type can only perform a high degree of one-way adjustment, while the automatic adjustment type can automatically adjust in a two-dimensional direction. The head restraint adjustment method is not complicated. Adjust the height of the head restraint to be in line with the eyebrow. If the head restraint is too low, the head and neck injury will be easily caused. The distance between the hindbrain and the headrest should be as close as possible, preferably no more than 10cm. If it is an adjustable head restraint with a locking function, it must be ensured that the position of the head restraint is locked after the adjustment so as not to shift the impact.

   [Suzhou Bonwell reminded] Adjusting the position of the car seat should be carried out before driving, and check whether the locking mechanism is fully locked to ensure the safety and reliability of the seat. If you feel uncomfortable with the seat during driving, adjust it after parking.


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