How To Buy A Seat On The On-demand Theater?

- Aug 20, 2018 -

Compared to the crowded and small seating space of the cinema, the seats in the private cinema will be particularly comfortable, with a wrap-around design, soft touch and spacious space. When we are lying on the sofa watching a movie, the comfort of the body will directly affect the quality of the viewing effect, so in addition to the system to pursue the perfect effect, the physical comfort is also very important. Today, how to choose On-demand cinema seats.

Theater chair.jpg

First, the size is moderate

In the process of buying a sofa, you must first determine how many seats can be placed in the private theater, where to place it, and what size or shape is suitable. Including the overall layout of the house, such as equipment, aisles, tables and chairs, row counts, etc. should be considered.

Second, gorgeous and comfortable

I believe that the seats in each box are not exactly the same. A variety of sizes, colors, and configurations are the main features of the private theater. But you choose the sofa chair in addition to the appearance and the style of the box, its comfort and service life. It is also a very important measure. Most of the private theater seat fabrics are synthetic fabrics of leather, cinema suede and silk skin. The leather seats are durable and dirt-resistant. It is relatively easy to clean, but there is a disadvantage that it is slightly expensive. .

Third, the quality of the movie experience

At present, in addition to the sofa bed, almost all the independent seats will add some small parts to achieve the ultimate experience, such as cup holder, storage box, heating, massage, electric lifting, retractable dining tray, charger, etc. Designed with full consideration of the user experience, the use of limited space to achieve consumer demand, of course, the choice of a lot of prices are different, you just have to find the right one for you, there is no need to waste money for the gorgeous.

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