How To Check If The Child Seat Is Installed Correctly?

- Aug 30, 2018 -

Child seat installation inspection

1. Is there any wrong direction? The baby safety seat must be installed backwards, and the baby will sit in order to be installed in the forward direction.

2, the location of the installation. It is not recommended to install the car child seat in the passenger seat for safety; the most suitable position for the baby seat during the trip is the middle position of the rear seat.

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3. Airbags. It is not only the front airbag that will cause damage to the baby; you must check carefully to ensure that the airbag around the baby is disabled. This must be confirmed.

4. Is the method correct? It must be installed in accordance with the prescribed method. Which hole the safety belt should pass through is the hole. Only in this way can the stability be ensured; the product manual is best placed in the car, so that it can be referenced at any time during installation.

5. Stability. After you install it, you have to shake it a few times, or shake it a few times on the seat to see if its offset range can't exceed 2cm. If it exceeds the instructions, your installation is unqualified. Baby comfort. Adjust the distance between the seat belt and the baby's body, so that it is better to put 2 fingers, not too tight, and the lower leg protector should be adjusted, not too tight. If necessary, you can put a blanket or towel. V. Structural Features Child safety seats have been widely used in Europe and the United States. As the number of private cars in China continues to rise, many families with children will worry about the safety of children riding cars. When choosing products, it is necessary to choose the right ones, but Not necessarily the most expensive is the best. From the safety point of view, the safety seat can completely protect the baby's head, brain, and body parts, and can completely absorb the instantaneous impact on the baby's head, brain, and body. The seat completely eliminates any mistakes that may be caused by the human hand holding, and completely avoids various accidents such as turbulence and turbulence that may occur when the child is alone. Whether during normal driving or in case of an accident, the child can be a child. Provides strong protection, cushioning and maintenance. The seat is ergonomically shaped to fit the child's body shape, perfectly matching the physiological characteristics of children of different ages, making the child sit and feel particularly comfortable.

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6. How to use No matter how short the trip is, you should use the child safety seat every time you take your child to drive.

1. Before starting, take some time to check if your child is reliably and comfortably tied by a belt. Make sure the belt used to tighten the child is adjusted to the optimum length – so that only two fingers can be inserted between the child's chest and the belt.

2. Do not put the clips that tighten the belt on your child's stomach.

3. The belt of the leg passes from near the pelvis (rather than from the stomach), from one hip to the other; the diagonally pulled belt should be attached to the child's shoulder instead of the neck (some seats) There is a clip to help secure the belt). Never put the seat belt on your child's arm or back.

4. Make sure the seat belt passes through the safety seat in the correct way. Some seats provide an alternative routing channel for use when the car seat belt is short and cannot pass through the main channel.

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