How To Choose 2+3+2 Or 2+2+3 Layout For 7-seater?

- Jun 16, 2018 -

Recently, many 6-seaters, 7-seaters, and various MPVs are gradually listed. It is really a matter of looking at Xiaobian's eyes. Most of my friends still use the 7-seater as the first choice. After all, the second-born family is just needed, and we can easily feel it. The 7-seat car will become the next mainstream, and both the MPV and SUV will be popular. The layout of the 7-seater is nothing more than 2+3+2 or 2+2+3, but the use of the two is definitely not the same.

The difference in the number of modified car seats is in the second and third row seats. There is no difficulty in understanding. The layout of 2+2+3 is the second row of two independent seats, and the third row is seated three. Personal seating, the 2+3+2 layout is the opposite. Of course, different layouts and different methods of use are different.

Generally, all the seats can be laid down to form a full-flat space, and it is convenient to remove the goods. If each seat can be laid down separately, more flexible use can be made.

2+2+3 layout

The third row generally happens to be in the rear wheel position, so the wheel arches will occupy some space. If you have to sit three people, surely you don’t want to squeeze, it’s painful. But the second row is infinity, then you can reflect what is unfair treatment?

The second row sits 3 people, and the third row sits 2 people. The space utilization rate is very reasonable. Everyone can't shout, and some cars can also lay down the second row of middle seats and indirectly become two independent Seats. However, the independence of the second row of seats has a very big advantage. It is very convenient to enter the third row. You can walk in from the aisle between the two seats, not like the back row of the two-door coupe. Wolverine.

Manufacturers like to do 2+2+3

Since the 2+3+2 layout is so practical, why is the layout of 2+2+3 accounting for half of the country? According to the current situation, how high is our chance of being fully loaded? On the contrary, the odds of sitting four or five people will be even greater. Therefore, the ideal number of seven-seat passengers is less than six. As for the position of the seventh, it is only an emergency.

In addition, how high is the chance of moving? If you really want to fill the whole car, do you know that the car can move? Of course, if you really want to ship for a long time, more people will buy micro-facets instead of MPVs or SUVs.

Based on the frequency of actual use, 7-seaters are not always fully loaded, and in most cases they are seated on the sixth person. At the same time, the third row of the 7-seat car is generally uncomfortable and short-distance can only be regarded as improvising. So, if you are tangled up with a friend who buys a 7-seater car, you may wish to consider it more.


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