How To Choose A Better Seat In A Theater?

- Jun 25, 2018 -

First, look at a picture, so that the entire picture is in your field of vision, so that it may be more comprehensive appreciation. Therefore, watching movies will also make the screen fill the visual field as much as possible. According to calculations, the viewer's horizontal perspective must be at least 36°.

Second, often in the front row audience, after watching the movie the first feeling is that the neck is stiff and sore, so we should avoid neck fatigue. How to avoid neck fatigue? We must make sure that the line of sight at the top of the screen must be less than 35° from the horizontal plane.


Third, to avoid echo interference. In general, there are 6 sets of sound in a movie theater. The sounds are left, center, and right; a group of woofers are below the screen, and there are two ambient sounds on both sides of the studio. "The sound and video are not in sync and the sound transmission takes a certain time. If the studio is too big, this phenomenon will be more obvious. The bad effect is like watching a blurred version of the gun film." Because the middle seat is the weakest affected by the echo. The auditory effect will be better. Therefore, choosing the middle position is not only a good choice in terms of sound but also on the screen.


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