How To Choose The Right Comfortable Car Seat?

- May 18, 2018 -

People engaged in transportation and engineering transportation should be aware that car seats are an important product that affects our day's work. So what kind of seats is a comfortable seat?

From the perspective of ergonomics and seat design, we can consider from the following four aspects.

1, the space size

In addition to the design of the wheelbase of the car, which affects the seating space, whether the design of the seat is reasonable or not will also affect the occupant's spatial experience. Seat back exit point, seat exit point, point H (point of attachment between the body torso and thigh, hip joint in the human formwork). Distance to center of seat area axis in the vertical direction.

The functional dimensions reflect the seat's ergonomic considerations. For example, if the backrest does not have sufficient support for the occupant's chest and back, it can make the occupant feel uncomfortable and feel tired when driving for a long time; such as a seat cushion The exit point is relatively small, and the leg pressure is not concentrated in the main blood vessels behind the knee and in the crook of the nerve distribution.

At the same time, when considering the comfort of the seat, it should be noted that there should be no sutures and style lines in the area of high seat pressure.

2, body pressure distribution

a, choose seats should pay attention, seat cushions, backrest pressure to be evenly distributed

b, The size of the contact area on the seat cushion and backrest (this is also the reason for the appearance of the bucket seat).

Poor body pressure distribution can cause pressure on the body and limbs of the occupants, hinder blood circulation, and cause discomfort when used for a long time.

3, headrest, slide design

The design of the headrest and the slide rails not only affects the comfort of driving in the driving process, but also relates to the safety of the vehicle in the car. The well-designed headrests and slide rails can play a good energy absorbing role during the accident. As a result, the impact on the people in the vehicle is reduced. Therefore, the comfort of the headrest and the slide rail of the seat can not be ignored in the process of selecting the vehicle.

4, the whole chair hardness

A hard seat can make you feel uncomfortable, and the seat is too soft, which can lead to excessive embedding in the seat and it is not easy to change your posture and fatigue.


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