How To Design Car Seat Comfort?

- Sep 13, 2018 -

Through the analysis of the static comfort and dynamic comfort of the seat, we have a lot of comfort requirements for the design of our seat. To get a comfortable seat, we should consider the following aspects:

1. Make sure that the H point of the seat is within the specified range from the design position.

2. The seat dimensions are designed to fit the ergonomic requirements.ABUIABACGAAgwqjNwwUogpio1wIwoAY4oAY!600x600.jpg

3. Obtain a reasonable body pressure distribution by adjusting the relevant properties of the seat component materials such as foam and seat cover.

4. Choose the seat structure and components that increase the comfort performance, such as the seat cushion, the suspension system, the spring structure of the seat cushion and the backrest to absorb the vibration, increase the lumbar support mechanism, and select the seat cover material with good ventilation and moisture permeability. .

5. Reduce the resonant frequency of the seat, reduce the high-frequency zone that is most influential to the human body, reduce the vibration transmission rate during resonance, match the other vibration-damping systems of the car, and reduce the vibration transmission rate around the occupant at 10 Hz.

6. In the design verification, the subjective evaluation experiment of the seat comfort, by selecting different height and weight personnel to score the items in the table to verify the comfort of the seat.

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