How To Design The Vibration Transmission Characteristics And Safety Of The Tractor Seats?

- Jun 01, 2018 -

The dynamic comfort of the tractor seat mainly refers to the vibration transmission characteristics of the seat, which has a greater impact on the ride comfort of the tractor. A seat with good transmission characteristics and matching vibration input can reduce the total weighted acceleration level of smoothness evaluation indicators by 2~6 dB. The research on the dynamic comfort of tractor seat mainly refers to the vibration of the vibration transmitted from the seat bottom through the seat after the premise of not changing the tire suspension of the vehicle through the selection and optimization of the dynamic parameters of the seat. Obvious attenuation, so that the impact of vibration on human work efficiency and physical and mental health as much as possible. The dynamic comfort design of the tractor seat is mainly designed for vibration isolation and vibration reduction of the seat, so as to seek a reasonable match between a chair and a vehicle, so that the vibration load to be borne by the human body is within the allowable standard of the prescribed vibration comfort for driving. The seat should also be such that the vibration displacement of the steering wheel, the joystick member and the foot pedal relative to the driver and the seat does not change with the weight of the driver, and the elastic vibration displacement does not exceed 75 mm. The dynamic comfort of the seat depends on the natural frequency w of the dynamic parameter of the seat system. With the relative damping coefficient Jen, the design of the dynamic comfort of the seat translates into the choice of two dynamic parameters.

Seat safety design

Active safety. Active safety refers to the ability of the tractor's driver's seat to prevent accidents. The active safety design of the tractor's driver's seat is mainly to reduce the driver's fatigue to carry out analysis and design to meet the active safety requirements. The active safety mainly considers reasonable seat size design, reasonable body pressure distribution on the seat cushion, reasonable body pressure distribution on the backrest, etc. to provide the driver with a comfortable working environment and reduce the driver's fatigue, thus ensuring the driver's seat Active safety design requirements.


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