How To Maintain Agricultural Machinery Seats?

- May 29, 2018 -

At present, there are a large number of farm machinery seats in the market. Many drivers will choose comfortable and individual seats. However, the operating conditions of the farm machinery are rather poor. If the maintenance is not timely, seats are prone to various problems. How to maintain agricultural seats?

Farm machinery seats on the market can be roughly divided into two categories: leather or leather seats, fabric seats, etc. If these two seats are not maintained in time, the service life can be easily reduced. How should these two kinds of materials be maintained? What? Suzhou Bonwell Co., Ltd. introduces you:

Cloth agricultural machinery seat maintenance method:

1. The agricultural machinery seat inevitably has a lot of dust into the car, so often use a vacuum cleaner to dust the fabric seat to keep the surface clean.

2. For dirty areas, use dry cleaning or all-around spotting agent. If the seat is too dirty to wash, you can go to a professional cleaning agency to clean it.

3. Cloth fabric seats should avoid direct sunlight, make the fabric damaged, fade, the same as the leather seat is best to bring a seat cover fabric seat, so that cleaning is more convenient.

Leather or leather farm machinery maintenance methods:

1. After the car is purchased, it is best to coat the leather seat with a layer of light and add a protective layer. Wash seats normally and use ordinary detergents to remove them.

2. The seat should be maintained regularly. In view of the special environment of the agricultural machinery operation, it should be wiped once with special leather soft cleaning agent for maintenance and decontamination. The professional leather cleaner is best selected from the regular manufacturers' products, so that decontamination and softening do not hurt the cortex. During each cleaning, it is necessary to carefully treat the joints of the leather, do not dry with a hair dryer, gently dry with a soft cloth or air dry. The leather of the seat leather is polished once every six months to prevent the leather from being stained, aged and cracked.

3. The texture of the leather or leather seats is soft. Be careful to keep away from heat sources, especially cigarette butts, and strong sunlight. Exposure to the sun for a long time can cause the leather to fade and dry, but it is difficult to avoid the sun when the agricultural machine is in operation. It is necessary to add covers to the agricultural seats to avoid direct sunlight and improve the service life of the seats.

In short, the maintenance of agricultural machinery seats is not complicated, as long as the usual use of care, maintenance and cleaning after the operation, regular maintenance and cleaning during the slack season, so stick to it, the life of the agricultural seat will be greatly improved.

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