How To Make Your Public Seating Product More Distinctive?

- May 16, 2018 -

Restroom products in public places are designed only for public chairs such as chairs. But you can start with different materials, not limited to wood, metal, plastic, and the like, you can consider some stones.


      Since it is a public place, this design is a coincidence. Can it integrate this product into the environment, like a work of art, and whether a public seat is sitting or not is not a problem but is sublimated into a work of art.

In addition, some quaint feelings can be pursued. A chair may not have any shape, but more than a dozen chairs will have different shapes, like artworks, and will feel noble.


  • Universal Vynal Forklift Seat
  • New Style Bus Passenger Seat Amrest with Gas Spring or Shock Absorber
  • Wheel Chair Foldable for Patient Old People
  • Adjustable Auto Racing Simulator Seat with Recliner Slider Rail
  • Metal Plastic Injection Molding Seat Shell for Golden Dragon Dawoo Volvo City Bus
  • Seat with Vinyl for Engineering Machinery, Aircraft, Forklift

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