How To Modify The Toyota Cool Road Zezheng Driver's Seat Electric Seat?

- Sep 13, 2018 -

High-comfort air seats that can be modified now, whether they are off-road vehicles or business caravans!

Luxury electric seat leather.jpg

If you have a Toyota Land Cruiser (Cool Lu Ze) also installed this kind of air seat, when you sit behind, is it a different feeling! That is natural! Seat with electric adjustment + massage + seat ventilation + seat heating + leg drag function, tired can enjoy it!

This kind of aviation seat, as long as you have enough space in the car, whether it is a business car, a RV, a SUV, a private car, etc., you can add and modify!

If you need more information on modification, you can use the Suzhou Bonwell WeChat public account to learn more about the modification information. Thank you for your attention and subscription!



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