How To Place The Desks And Chairs?

- Aug 23, 2018 -

Method 1: Horseshoe arrangement


Students can read and write on their own desktops and directly see teachers and audiovisual media. There can be face-to-face contact between students. Let the students sit in pairs. The teacher can walk into the middle of the horseshoe at any time. Make sure there is enough room for conversion between the horseshoes. It can also be semi-circular in units of groups.


Method 2: Grouping method


Arrange the seats to be close to the table that is close together, so that the students have contact and promote the group interaction. Some students need to adjust the chair slightly to see the blackboard, the teacher, and the projection screen. The chairs in front of the classroom can be removed from each group to prevent students from turning around frequently.


Method 3: Formal Conference Arrangement


The table is long or round, and it is most suitable for this arrangement. This arrangement reduces the importance of teachers and increases the importance of students. If the teacher's seat is shown in Figure 1, it can create a meeting atmosphere. If the teacher is in the middle, the most remote students will be ignored. It is also possible to arrange long tables in a hollow manner.

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