How To Properly Install The Loader Seats?

- May 29, 2018 -

The loader is an earth-rock construction machine widely used in road, railway, construction, hydropower, ports, mines and other construction projects. It is mainly used for shoveling soil, sand, lime, coal and other bulk materials, and also for ore , hard soil, etc. for light shoveling operations. Generally, the construction road conditions are relatively poor, and there are high requirements for the comfort and reliability of the seats. In general, the loader seat manufacturers avoid the seats being too high but the strength is deteriorated, and the general height of the production is 260- 300mm, but in ergonomics, the seat height is 400 ~ 490mm is appropriate, so need to install a height appropriate base under the seat, the base can be used in conjunction with the heater and air conditioning. So, how to properly install the loader seat? There are two main ways:

1. Seat plus base The seat and base of this structure are connected by four bolts to form a seat assembly. The seat assembly is installed on the floor of the cab, the seat height is 270mm, the height adjustment is in 3 levels, the range is -30cm to 0-30cm, and the base height is 180mm. Some loader bases serve as toolboxes and seats are mounted on toolboxes.

2. Seat Heating Fan or Air Conditioning Evaporator When the loader heater or air conditioner is selected, the seat can be installed on the heater or air conditioner evaporator through the transition plate. The heater or air conditioner evaporator at this time corresponds to the base of the seat. With this structure, the seat is connected to the heater or air conditioner evaporator through the transition plate. There are eight through-holes with a diameter of 11.5 mm around the transition plate for the installation of heaters and air-conditioning evaporators, and four counterbores in the middle to fix the seats.

Two installation methods of the transponder seat can meet ergonomics. Suzhou Bonwell Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of transshipment seats. Welcome to buy.

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