Hutcheon GCH Products Add New Highlights

- Jun 15, 2018 -

Recently, the GCH540 gearbox designed by Hangfang has been successfully shipped, and GCH series products have added new highlights!

The GCH540 gearbox is used in a certain marine department of the country. The rated power of the gearbox is 2000KW and the rated speed of the main engine is 750rpm. The gearbox adopts double-double propeller system, one in and two out versions, allowing the maximum thrust of 284kN for forward and reverse. The input/output shaft system adopts horizontal eccentricity, and the input shaft and PTO output shaft adopt vertical eccentricity, and its own oil pump and oil circuit self-contained system. The internal design of the GCH540 gearbox is rigorous. All of them are designed, processed and assembled with special product requirements.


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