Is The Car Seat Cover Leather Or Microfiber Leather?

- Sep 20, 2018 -

As a car owner, it is important to equip your car with a high-end and practical car seat cover. The problem of the troubles of the majority of car owners has followed. Nowadays, the car seat covers with leather and microfiber skin are more popular on the market. What should be?

Before answering this question, first understand the requirements of the car interior for the material.

  First, the appearance is beautiful and the hand feels comfortable. Car seat cover as the "underwear" of the car, the texture, color, Guanze degree must be coordinated with the design of the whole car, the hand feels softer, at least feel more comfortable.

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Second, general physical performance requirements. Such as high strength, wear resistance, sweat resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, breathable antibacterial, anti-light and so on. These properties are related to the service life of the car seat cover and the comfort of the owner in the car.

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 Third, special physical performance requirements. Flame-retardant based on safety performance, non-toxic burning, do not underestimate these physical properties, which are life-threatening in the event of a traffic accident, flame retardant and non-toxic burning is a very important standard for EU automotive interior materials.


  Fourth, environmental responsibility. As a car owner, it also needs environmental awareness. The production of car seat covers with non-toxic and harmless materials is not only related to their own health, but also can be discarded in the future, which can reduce the possibility of environmental pollution.

  After understanding the material requirements of the car interior, then the choice of what material car seat cover has the answer.

  In general, the leather car seat cover can meet most of the above requirements, so the leather is more suitable as a material for the car seat cover.

What about the microfiber car seat cover?

  In fact, microfiber leather is a high-tech product. Now some top car brands such as Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi use microfiber leather as the interior material of the car, because the performance of high-quality car seat covers is superior to all aspects. Ordinary leather.

  The key issue is: the quality of the microfiber is uneven!

Suzhou Bonwell has dozens of demanding quality inspection standards for automotive interior microfiber leather, and the price of ultra-fine leather that can pass the customs is even higher than that of leather. Many low-priced ultra-slim leather car seat covers purchased by many domestic owners may use inferior microfiber leather seats. The physical properties do not meet the above requirements, especially the physical properties such as flame retardant, burning and non-toxic, and there are potential safety hazards. To sum up, the car seat cover with ultra-fibre leather and leather does not say which one must be good, but what kind of leather and what grade of ultra-fibre skin ratio. Of course, if you can buy a seat cover made of high-quality car microfiber leather, it may be more durable than the leather seat cover!

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