Is There An Airbag Sign On The Car Seat? Is There Any Use?

- Sep 13, 2018 -

What does the airbag on the car seat mean?

 First look at what is the airbag?

 The airbag is an airbag that is a passive safety device that can be quickly inflated in the event of an accident in the vehicle to protect the occupants. Airbags are a highly technical product in the passive safety of automobiles.

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After buying a car, in order to protect the seat or to facilitate cleaning, most car owners will buy a car seat or seat cover for the car, but you can pay attention to this sign when installing!

 AIRBAG, airbags, used in conjunction with seat belts. The "AIRBAG" logo on the car seat means that there is an airbag on the seat. If it is put on, it will affect the normal ejection of the airbag in the event of a collision. Most regular car seat covers or seat covers will have openings in the airbags, so it is recommended that you buy high-quality seat cushions or seat covers.


 In addition, when installing the seat cushion, everyone will pay attention to whether it affects the normal use of the front seat belt, and the rear row is not so important. Once I was a friend's car, I didn't find a seat belt in the back row. I found that I was blocked behind the cushion. When riding a car, even in the rear, it is best to wear a seat belt for safety.


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