Loader Seat Installation Experiment Process

- Jun 02, 2018 -

What is a loader seats?

The loader is mainly used for shoveling earth and close transportation. In these operations, the seats are motivated mainly by three aspects; one is that the vibration of the engine and the drive train is transmitted to the seat through the frame; the other is the tire vibration caused by the uneven road surface, and the tire The frame is transmitted to the seat; third, the vibration generated by the hydraulic system is transmitted to the seat through the frame.

Seat sensor installation

Since the parking experiment is mainly used to analyze the contribution of the engine and transmission system to the seat vibration, a single-axis vibration sensor is required to be fixed in five positions in this parking experiment, namely the surface of the engine head cover and the upper surface of the frame. 

Loader seat test process

During the test, the engine speed was adjusted from the idle speed to the maximum speed, and the vibration acceleration system was used to record the engine speed and the Z-direction vibration acceleration of each measuring point with the engine speed.


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