Looking Behind The 3D Movie Is The Most Favorable Position?

- Jun 25, 2018 -

According to related records, 3D movies are modeled on people's binocular vision. When they are shown, the two machines play synchronously. If they are viewed directly with their eyes, the pictures they see are overlapping and unclear. glasses. The 3D glasses are partially brightened. After they are put on, they feel that the brightness of the screen is reduced a lot. The pupils in the dark will enlarge, the ciliary muscles of the eyes are in a state of tension and pull, the sound and light effects of the 3D movie screen are strong, and the stimulation to the eyes is particularly strong. Over time, it may easily lead to an increase in intraocular pressure and even induce acute glaucoma. . This is why individual viewers dizzy and vomit when watching 3D movies. At this time, if you are sitting in the back row, the distance between the focus of your eyes and the screen will increase, which will cause our pupils to become larger and remain in this condition for a long time, which is very unfavorable to the eyes.


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