Main Features Of Marine Sunshade Products

- May 18, 2018 -

Marine flame-retardant curtain materials (CURTAIN, SOFA, CHAIR) manufactured by SHIN HEUNG, South Korea, including: flame-retardant curtains, fire-retardant blackout curtains, marine sunshades (cabin-barbed light curtains)

The main material filter film of the anti-thorn curtain of the cab is all imported film. Compared with domestic film, it has the characteristics of good optical performance and good physical properties. Such as: light transmittance can be selected in 2.64-11%, while the domestic film is mostly about 20%, while the high transmittance of the domestic film in the case of strong light is very limited, the effect of the authenticity of the reaction of external objects (clarity , color, etc.) are also much worse than foreign films. In addition the imported film will not appear curling, pitting and other domestic film



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