Mercedes-Benz Deterrence Personality Modification

- Sep 20, 2018 -

Appearance: Mercedes-Benz deterrence explores all the way to open up, only for the noble control. Get rid of the clumsiness of the traditional car. The headlights and the air intake grille all adopt the new front face of the Mercedes-Benz. The new deterrent has a simple and clear design. The front air intake grille has a double-bar design, which is more low-key and stable compared with the old one.

Interior: Mercedes-Benz deterrence center console style is very Mercedes-Benz, the button layout is clear, easy to use, material selection and workmanship are in line with the positioning of its commercial vehicles. As soon as I stepped into the door of the new car, I immediately felt a strong royal atmosphere. People really felt the harmony between luxury and practicality, just like enjoying a natural art. The car is like a villa with all the equipment.



Details: Mercedes-Benz deterrence high-end business real connotation in the passenger area, the moment into the passenger compartment, an exquisite bar and huge TV wall, the giant screen can lift the high-fidelity audio equipment next to the TV wall, With the eyes moving, the beautiful curtains.

Mercedes-Benz vito seat.jpg

Other aspects: Mercedes-Benz deterrence inherits the luxury temperament and excellent workmanship of the Mercedes-Benz brand. It is a more practical MPV model with high cost performance and can meet the requirements of consumers for space. The whole car is known for its safety and comfort. Under the low-key appearance, the whole car is known for its safety and comfort. Under the low-key appearance, it is equipped with a number of luxurious and noble configuration groups to create a low-key yet luxurious .

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